"During your performance I do not believe that there was a single child that remembered that they were a patient at a hospital.
Children always need a chance to be children and your performance did just that. Thanks again."                                                                   
"With wonder an amazement they were able to capture the attention of approximately seventy-five children ages two through twelve,
for over one hour. This is no easy feat."                                                                                                                          
"I would consider it an honor to recommend this production to any school as an educational enhancement for students in the
areas of Language Arts and the Performing Arts."
"All children who see the performances are enthralled and delighted by the production."
"Seeing the performances The National Educational Theatre puts on benefits them in short and long term."     
"Teachers gave the performance high ratings. I highly recommend this presentation as part of your language, character
education, social studies, and or health curriculum."
LeBonheur Children's Medical Center
Dr. Angela Webster, Ph.D.
Highland Oaks Elementary School
Ronald McDonald House
Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.
Dunn Avenue Elementary School
"I can tell that your theatre strives to make children smile.  It is apparent that you came to St. Jude with giving hearts.  Your efforts,
time, and professionalism were recognized by many.  The most important thing is that the children get a chance to smile, have fun
and forget about their cancer for a little while.  Your group was able to make that happen!  Thank you!"
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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