About Us

  •   We take pride in personalizing
our events to suit individual needs,
so together lets make learning fun.

  •  The place where Kids learn to
use their imaginations.

  •  You read the book we will do
the story.
The National Educational Theater is (TNET) is a
non profit cultural arts organization that provides
educational and fundraising services to schools,
day cares, churches, hospitals,  and corporate
sponsored events. Our mission is to educate and
entertain by exposing all children especially those
in the underserved  and rural communities, to the
cultural arts. With our mobile full scale puppet
theatre, which is completely self contained,
including lighting sound and special effects, we
are able to travel from city to city. We provide a
unique theatre and learning experience to children
of all ages.

Our objective is to improve character education
and youth literacy using the timeless art of
marionette puppetry. We build language skills by
storytelling, relating events, and the recall of our
songs and rhymes. Another key objective is to
complement current educational institution
curriculum's by supporting teacher initiatives and
encouraging parental participation in the
educational process. Thereto, we will provide you
with a custom designed study guide complete with
puppet history, puppet building activities, games
and puzzles. The guide is a useful educational tool
and combined with the excitement of our
performance, will lend to stimulate and enthuse
children long after TNET is gone.
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